Feng Shui Bamboo Aka Dracaena Sanderiana

This is not at all a sign of showing respect to money; instead clear your purse and wallet of its clutter and start saving money in them with care. This is because feng shui says that if you start neglecting money, money slowly starts neglecting you. Make it a point to balance your checkbooks and to pay bills punctually and to store your checkbook in attractive purple, black, blue, red or green covers. Once you know the financial power spots of the office, you have to keep these areas clutter free. This is because clutter always symbolizes stagnant energy. And this clutter in your power spots will only clog your cash flow. If you realize how rich you are with so many friends and your family, how fortunate that you can laugh, how fortunate you are to breathe in fresh and free air and realize the richness of your spiritual life; you will pretty soon receive material blessings and prosperity in your life.

Avoid Having Live Plants In Your Bedroom If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom with some live plants, stop doing so as you will attract disharmony and conflicts for those sleeping in the bedroom. The bedroom is a yin environment for rest and sleep, and by placing a yang energy live plant in the bedroom, you are disrupting the yin energy of the bedroom. Last but not least, place a metal windchime in your bedroom’s Southeast. If your nien yen is Southeast, Place a small red light in your bedroom’s Southeast corner. Place another red light in the Northwest and then hang a windchime in the Northeast. Feng shui advises that neither the head nor the feet should be pointed directly at the door of the room as this is deemed to be very yin and is deadly for the living.

Using the guiding principles, you can identify the difficulties within your physical environment and remove them. While, this may appear to be another project, consider the short and long term benefits. An overabundance of cortisol and adrenaline can contribute to heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The immune system, too, becomes affected, increasing the incidences of colds and flus. To avoid such possible problems, rest is traditionally prescribed. Below are 3 feng shui cures and remedies to feng shui your bedroom for health. Do Not Place Any Things Below Your Bed Take note that our bed is for us to have quality sleep and rest. Never store any of your things and stuffs below the bed as this will invite bad health to those sleeping on the bed. Neutralize The Number 2 Illness Star When the illness star occupies your personal bedroom, hang a windchime there to protect against possible illness until the star’s negative influence has passed.

Then, you should decorate your bedroom’s East and Southeast in metallic or gray colors. If your nienyen is Southwest, In your bedroom’s Southwest corner, place a red light or crystals. The green color and thin vertical shape give this plant the perfect characteristics of the wood element. You can buy this plant tied with red or gold ribbon – this is intended to strengthen its positive effect. It’s recommended to purchase this plant in one of the following variations: Three stems – attracts happiness. Where to start: First, despite what I just said, try for changes in their room. Just remember the Rule of Yin and Yang: You can’t tell them what to do (Yang), but you certainly can make suggestions (Yin). No matter how the negotiations went about changing your teen’s room, you still have a secret Feng Shui weapon!

Next, place a small red light in your bedroom’s Northwest corner, and make an effort to hang a windchime in the Northeast corner of your bedroom. If your nien yen is Northwest, Invest in clear-cut crystal which is reasonably-priced and place it in the Northwest corner of your bedroom. Then, you should position a piece of furniture painted black in the South. Cleaning out the clutter with the intention of opening the flow of knowledge energy for the house will definitely benefit your kids! Try adding the color blue (the stronger, the better) to that area. You can use art or pillows or even paint the entire space blue (here I’d go pastel). In Asia, where nature is an integral part of human life, Dracaena Sanderiana has been a symbol of prosperity for over 400 years. It is often used in feng shui, which sees the world as the interaction of five elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal.